“Highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with home-staging…” Leah Hennen
We focus on 4 areas, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Painting and floors upgrades or refinishing, these key points can really make a big difference. we work based on the client budget advising every step of the way securing a return on the investment.

DO you need help decorating your house and removing the clutter for potential buyers? well, we have some tricks in our sleeves to get you an interior designer that will do their job for a very decent price, they work wonders to get everyone to simply love your house. 

As a remodeling service provider, we are engaged in offering an efficient service to our clients. Knowing the realtors market and their needs helped us develop a program that allows realtors to either choose us to perform work on their behalf or simply use our referral program, in both scenarios the end customer benefits by our excellent craftsmanship and our considerable industry experience; we have been successfully executing remodeling works for renowned realtor companies, our motto: “Timely executed, Affordable, As per client requirement and Reliable”


​At Siles Remodeling LLC we believe in working with realtors, as a team, is the best way to achieve the client's goals. Siles Remodeling works with many renowned realtor companies in the metro Washington DC region. Working in harmony with the client means efficiency in estimating time and costs for the client. Siles Remodeling strives to create a successful and productive partnership with realtors through open lines of communication and years of experience. This open line of communication ultimately benefits the homeowner.

"Siles Remodeling LLC is dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, Ricardo Siles has a creative sense of design. He knows how to install all the latest home design trends"


 Marc and Nicole M. (Vienna, VA)